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We Do Our Best to Help You Feel Better

We are insured, licensed, experienced professionals that will provide you the care you need for a quick recovery.

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Founder - Florie Bennon

I have served in healthcare environments gaining experience in the areas of hospice, dementia, stroke care, diabetes, and cancer. I am always willing to work beyond the scope of those areas. I help a broad range of geriatric individuals, whether they are just entering their golden years or needing a deeper level of care for progressive conditions. I know how to assist the bedfast, transfer individuals safely, maintain proper hygiene, utilize lift devices, dress, monitor vital signs, and promote exercise.

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What you think

  • " She was able to help with all aspects of my Mother's care and I feel she made my Mother so comfortable that my Mother's last few weeks were greatly enhanced.“

  • "She was friendly, comforting, helpful around the house, and respectful in so many ways.“

  • "From the perspective of bing an RN, I have seen Florie strive to expand her knowledge in the health care field very successfully. “

  • Jennifer
  • Charlie
  • Patti
 Florienne's Caring Hands

Contact Us

Phone: +1 707 892 3902
Email: florie@floriennescaringhands.com

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 5pm

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